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Time to meet the Ladies!

Check out our beautiful Mommas!  All of these girls are very special to my heart and are integral to my breeding program.  I have been blessed with an awesome broodmare band!


Perfecta was the first Paso Fino broodmare to grace my farm.  She came to me bred and I still have her first colt.  Perfecta had been slightly unhandled when I got her mainly due to health issues with her prior owner.  It has taken this girl a fair amount of time to develop trust in me, but we're in a very good place now.  She has raised some very beautiful foals and is content to be a mother.  

2006 Grulla, Registered with APFHA

Reference Only, Perfecta has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Our Team



My beautiful Vida was my first Paso Fino, ever.  She didn't want to have anything to do with me when I got her, but I was persistent.  Eventually she gave in and decided to let me love her.  Our relationship has been so interesting ever since.  I trust this mare with every bone in my body.  She is an amazing mother and has no issues with me handling her foals.  She was the first mare to carry my mule baby and I couldn't have asked for a better mom. 



 Amber was originally out of Sundown Paso Finos in Lamont, AB but spent her life in BC.  I aquired her in her later years and added her to my broodmare group to live out her life.  She is a shorter mare and so very sweet.  She is wonderfully gaited and has thrown me some gorgeous foals.

Reference Only, Amber has retired to be a pasture pet.

Welcome home amber!





Hindsight (Alejandro X Perfecta)

Born May 17, 2020

Hindsight is 2020, right? Had this name thrown at me and thought it suits!  This filly will be tall.  She's already tall!  She is colorful, smart, leggy, and athletic.  She could go in so many directions! The sky is the limit for this girl.

I have decided to retain her as a Broodmare Prospect or possible riding mare.

Willow (Fuego X Ciervo)

Born May 17, 2020

A palomino roan filly!  She's stocky, she's sassy, and she is gorgeous.  I like this girl for her subtle way of deciding to be a people horse.  Her dam consistently throws foals that are calm, reasonable, and gentle.  This filly won't be tall, but she'll be mighty.

I have decided to retain this girl as a broodmare prospect.

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