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This handsome gelding is my go to riding horse.  He is amazing to ride, wonderfully gaited, and such a sweetheart in general.  HE IS NOT FOR SALE.  He has a weird history that led him to me even though I have owned his Dam for years.  His sire was Sueldo TDR, a stud that sired many of my foals before his passing (he was owned by Sundown Smooth Gaited Horses)

Caesar is in the 15.2hh range and is steady under saddle.  He crosses water, leads the ride, and has become a very confident partner for me.  

Quincy (Alejandro X Amber)

Born June 19, 2018 

 A bay gelding that has been handled, haltered, and hauled.  He loads on the trailer with no issue and is easy to catch and handle.  He should end up being average height with a finer bone. Great gait.


Quincy adopted the new name Rojo and has gone to live with Barb S in Prince George, BC

Priority (Fuego X Amber)

Born June 14, 2017

This filly was Amber's first foal ever... she stressed so much over becoming a mom that she didn't understand that feeding it was vital! We got it all sorted out and she has grown into a wonderful little mare.  She is extremely well gaited, lots of action in those feet!  She won't be tall, but she will be mighty!  This filly will please anyone who purchases her.

Priority has gone to live with Jesseca J in Viking, AB

Legacy (Sueldo TDR X Perfecta)

Born July 10, 2016

Legacy was the last foal born in my herd by Sueldo.  He passed away before she was born.  The mix was phenomenal though.  I own and ride her full brother, Caesar, and I believe she should be just as amazing as he is.  She is smart, sensible, and always wondering what I'm going to do to her next!  This girl is always up for an adventure, can't wait to start her in the spring.  Legacy has gone to live with Ronaldo and Melissa in Langdon, AB.

CC (Fuego X Vida)

Born July 1, 2017

CC stands for Carbon Copy because that is what she is of her mother!  This filly is so level and calm, it will blow your mind.  She wants pets, attention, and will do anything asked of her to get her into your space!  I honestly can't believe she's still here with such a sweet personality.   If she never leaves, it won't break my heart.  This filly will make an amazing riding partner.

CC was sold to BC.

Red ( Alejandro X Bella)

Born May 16, 2019

Red doesn't get near the appreciation he deserves.  He's just another bay right?  But focus away from the basic color and you will see a smart, inquisitive gelding who really wants a person to love.  He comes from great stock, is well gaited and is so willing to please it's unreal.  He shouldn't end up being short either, both of his parents are well over 14hh.

Red has gone to live with Joanne and Mike in Chilliwack, BC.

Handsome (Alejandro X Vida)

Born November 22, 2018

He is what he is: Handsome.  He has a very level head, a build and color to appeal to anyone, and he is gaited to boot.  I really like this gelding, pictures just don't do him justice.  Handsome has gone to live with Barb S in Prince George, BC.

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